Top Yoga Poses To Enhance Your Ski Season

Yoga to enhance your ski season? Why not?

It’s the middle of ski season and hopefully you are enjoying it and having fun. As with any physical activity, fatigue and injury can play a factor as the season wears on.

So how do you keep the momentum going and stay healthy the rest of the season?

Try some yoga. Even if you’re not a full time yogi these poses will help keep you energized, relaxed and focused and give you a strong finish to your ski season.


Warrior Pose-This pose is one of my favorites for strength conditioning. Being a telemark skier, the lunge of this pose helps me get stronger to make those lunging telemark turns. This pose strengthens your whole body and also opens up the hips, chest and lungs. It improves focus, balance and stability while improving circulation.


Forearm Plank Pose-Do this for 2 minutes when you wake up in the morning. You won’t regret the benefits. It builds strength in the arms, shoulders and abdomen. You will need this strength when you’re skiing that deep powder.


 Chair Pose-This pose develops leg strength and reinforces the spine to help you navigate through the toughest runs. When practicing this pose, hold for 10 breaths and then repeat 3 to 5 times.


Plow Pose-Increases circulation, spinal flexibility and suppleness. This pose also improves the strength of back muscles, hamstrings and abdomen. This pose is very beneficial if your body is fatigued or recovering from minor injury.


Savasana-Relax! Finish your yoga ski workout and take time to be mindful with Savasana pose. This pose relaxes the body, calms and focuses the mind and relieves fatigue. It will get your head right for a day of skiing.

Skiing and yoga, two of my favorite activities. It’s only natural that they should work together.

Try these poses to improve your performance throughout your ski season.

If you would like to learn more about yoga and skiing or if you’re looking for other ways improve your health through nutrition and fitness, contact me for a free health consultation at We’ll get you tuned up.

Think snow, and we’ll see you on the slopes!



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