Why I’m Not Eating Healthy For The Super Bowl

Men eat meat, women eat chocolate: How food gets gendered 

As a health coach I make it my mission to live a healthy lifestyle and to promote that lifestyle to others. I walk the walk and talk the talk and I’m damn proud of it.

On Super Bowl Sunday I’m taking the day off.

Whaaaat? For shame Mr. Health coach!  How could you?

Well, why not?

There are a few things that I’ve learned as a health coach that go beyond just nutrition.  The primary foods,  happiness, relationships, self confidence, all these play into a healthy outlook.

Here are a few healthy things to do on Super Bowl Sunday that have nothing to do with food.


Go to a party-Be with loved ones and friends.  Share the ups and down of the game.  Laugh and cry.  Just live baby! We are social animals, take the time to interact and share the experience.  You will be better for it.


Put life on hold-Be mindful and live in the present.  It’s the big game! Enjoy the moment.  You will be happier.  You can get back to life later.


Let off some steam-Be bad, but not irresponsible bad.  If you drink, have a few drinks.  Eat a dozen chicken wings in ranch sauce. Scream at the TV!  Flirt! Tell dirty jokes. There is too much stress in our daily lives.  Let it go on Sunday.


My focus is always on eating and health and I’ve worked hard at it all week.

This Sunday my team is in the big game.  I’ve waited for this moment for a long time.  I’m going to let it all hang out and so should you. Your mind will thank you and your body will recover.


When Monday rolls around and you feel that need to re-focus, come see me for a free health consultation at http://www.kriyaliving.com.  We’ll get you back on track.


Enjoy the Super Bowl and Go Broncos!






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