America’s Healthcare crisis. Should We Be Moving From Treatment to Prevention?


Is prevention the answer to the healthcare crisis? Isn’t it wiser to prevent sickness and disease rather than to treat it after it has developed?

We are in the midst of a healthcare crisis in this country.  Obesity, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease are at epidemic proportions and our healthcare system is not adequate enough to handle it.  When the health of our population is at risk, so is the health of our entire nation.  A sick nation effects us economically which in turn compromises our security.  As a sick nation we are not a strong nation.

So why aren’t we doing more?  I’d say the answer lies with our own government and the corporations that influence government policy.  The lobbying efforts of food corporations and big pharma are geared towards treatment.  Our government subsidizes cheap food which in turn is produced by corporations for the masses.  The masses get sick and big pharma treats them with the medications they produce.  There is no end game for sickness and disease.  Why would there be?  It’s not profitable.

The treatment model we follow is not sustainable.  If we want to prosper as a nation then we need to move to a prevention based healthcare model in which people are educated on healthy habits and lifestyles and real food is an option.

I’m a health coach that is trying to make a change one person at a time.  How do we take on a government and corporations that are working against us?

I’ll tell you how.  One person and one community at a time.

We need a healthcare revolution in this country. The top down approach isn’t going to work.  We need to look at ourselves and our communities and foment change from the bottom up.

I would love to get comments and thoughts on how we might do this.  Maybe I’m barking up the wrong tree, but this conversation needs to happen.  What are your thoughts?

I’m always available for a conversation about your health questions.  Visit me at  I look forward to your input.

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  1. Prevention is treatment and appropriate treatment maybe prevention. See my article on choosing as sports med doc. Best your way.
    Developing Effective Sports Medicine Doctor-Patient Communication by Christoph A.B. Maywald, DC
    This is a guideline to help you open an effective channel of communication with your sports medicine provider. In “Inside the Mind of the Doctor,” a June 2007 article by Dr. Daniel Sokol, a medical ethicist at Imperial College, London, the author notes that only 85% of diagnoses are correct. There is speculation as to why that is. However, several facts emerged from the article that I feel are particularly relevant to the serious athlete.
    What appears important is to understand how doctors think. Sokol pointed out that most errors were cognitive, not technical. In the UK one study showed that the average consultation was just nine minutes and that the doctor interrupted the patient within the first 18 seconds of asking the patient to describe their symptoms. How can you, as a patient, improve the situation?
    We all need to remember that most doctors are overwhelmed and suffer from the same emotions and distractions that you and I have. At the day’s end we all wish there was more time. When you first come into the consultation remember the 18-second listening statistic. I recommend that in these first seconds you establish your communicative style and present your wish to be an active, informed, and vital partner in your healthcare. Say something like, “Doctor, I get so intimidated by doctors and their interruptions that I forget to share important information.” Follow quickly by saying, “I sincerely respect you and I hope you will help me feel relaxed and comfortable while I tell you all that is going on. In the past I have been interrupted, leading me to forget important details and feeling that the doctor did not want to listen and did not understand my condition.”
    That ought to take the first 18 seconds! Now that you have established your requirements, wait for the doctor to assume a listening posture, then clearly and slowly describe your symptoms and relevant medical history.
    You have just created a standard of responsible communication between the both of you. In effect, you have asked that the doctor to promise not only to hear you but to try and let you finish your whole thought without interruption. This helps the doctor overcome his bias and establishes a partnership with you, the patient. His or her questions will now be framed to focus in on your historical medical facts, providing direction toward appropriate diagnostic testing, a more accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment or referral.
    I also believe it is always essential to repeat what you believe the doctor is saying regarding diagnosis and treatment plan. You should also follow up with, “Could this be anything else?” and, “How long do you think it will be before I’m better?” Finally, ask if there are additional, supportive treatments that you can do in tandem with the primary treatment plan. Do not forget to communicate your athletic objectives and seek advice as to how best achieve them.
    You have now become an active and vital partner in your care. As a result you very well may heal quicker and achieve a higher state of long-term wellness and athletic prowess.
    Christoph A.B. Maywald is a chiropractic physician in private practice in Weymouth, MA.
    Published in “Running & Fit News” (R) 11-12/2007

  2. This is so very true. This may seem too big to combat, but taking the approach of one person at a time, leading to one community at a time, is the only hope America has. If one person shares with another, eventually a community will be changed. When a community is changed a city will be changed, then from a city to a state, and from a state to the country! But it all starts will individual people! I have a video on my YouTube page with a world renowned Naturopathic Doctor, Lindsey Duncan, discussing this very topic in detail, and the facts he presents are nothing short of SHOCKING. Check it out, (it’s the video titled “Genesis PURE™ founder and CEO Dr. Lindsey Duncan ND, CN”).

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