Farmed and Dangerous, Part 2

I’m a little behind. Here’s part 2 of Farmed and Dangerous. Enjoy!

W Cubed

Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed Farmed and Dangerous, Episode 1. Now, please enjoy Episode 2! My favorite line: “Are your medications making you more depressed? A NEW pill promises relief!”. Ba da bump!

I also include here a refresher about how to rethink your shopping habits to protect your family’s health, per Dr. Mercola:

I believe the movement toward sustainable food and ethical meat is very important, both in terms of human health and animal welfare. Organic, grass-fed and finished meat that is humanely raised and butchered is really about the only type of meat that is healthy to eat. By purchasing your meat from smaller farms that raise their animals in a humane fashion, according to organic principles, you’re promoting the proliferation of such farms, which in the end will benefit everyone, including all the animals. The organic industry also tends to favor far more humane butchering…

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